Dear Sponsors!

      I am a representative of the International class master of sports and multiple prize winner of Russia, Ukraine and Europe Championships, Roman Morozov. I dare to assume that we will find a financial support, and finally, with your help Roman will be able to prove that he is a true champion not only at home but also abroad.
     Roman Morozov dedicated 18 years of his life to sport not in vain. He started his sports career at the age of eight. He has reached good results in professional sports (the list of achievements in the attached summary). He is not only the best motorcycle racer of Ukraine, Russia, but also he occupies a leading position in the European Championship (for the first time in the last twenty years in Ukrainian motorsport). At this stage of his career Roman is going to further his achievements.  
He left for the USA to try himself in America’s most prestigious championship AMA 2010. However, participating in this championship needs sponsors’ support.
      We hope for your help and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Morozov,
the representative of Roman Morozov

Morozov Roman
is master of sports of international class.
He lives in Kiev. Roman sat on the bike when He was 8. In 1997 he was already a champion of Ukraine and Russia in the class of 80 cm cube.